Willing to put in some time to get free hosting?

I’m not afraid to admit that I often have a hard time finding topics to write about and that more often than not I tend to rant and rave than write anything really useful.  We’re really looking forward to adding some useful content to our new MDDHosting Blog and, as such, if you feel you have a solid article you’d like to provide for our blog we’ll be more than happy to compensate you with an account credit or some free hosting.  How much credit or hosting depends entirely on the topic of the post and how in-depth it is however we’ll work those details out with you before ever putting the post up.

Should you decide to try and take this on, simply submit a comment to this post (providing your real email address) and we’ll get in contact with you directly.  Oh… In case you were wondering, we will definitely give you credit and will be more than happy to link to your site if you wish, just let us know!