Black Friday, our BIGGEST SALE of the year is back with discounts of up to 70%*!

The promo codes below are valid for new MDDHosting clients signing up for our Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting only.

These promo codes will be active until November 30th, 2020.

70% OFF promo code for Monthly billing cycle:


15% OFF promo code for all other billing cycles:


If you are an existing client of MDDHosting, we have something for you as well!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday everyone!

* Promo code is valid for new MDDHosting clients only.
* Valid for Cloud Hosting & Reseller Hosting only.
* Valid until November 30th, 2020.

Introducing the MDDHosting Customer Community Discord!

At MDDHosting we’ve always focused on building and nurturing the community spirit among our clients. One such initiative is our Community Forums which we started in the year 2008!

More than a decade later, we are moving with the times with our focus shifting to real-time live discussions. Therefore, we have opened a Discord server and we are inviting all clients to join us in this community.

The MDDHosting Customer Community Discord server is a place where our clients can communicate with each other quickly and easily.

Discord Logo

What is Discord?

Discord is a group chat platform popularized by the gaming community and has since become popular across all sort of communities.

Each Discord community is called a “server” and the servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can collaborate, share, and just talk about your day.

Discord allows users to communicate via text-chat, voice-chat and video-chat as well as live-streaming of contents from the user’s computers.

You can access Discord via your web browser, mobile apps for iOS and Android or desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mobile and Desktop Apps for Discord

How do I access the MDDHosting Customer Community Discord?

Our Discord server is currently open to clients of MDDHosting only.

Login to our Client Area, click on the Support dropdown menu and you will find the link to join our Customer Discord.

MDDHosting Client Area Discord Community Link

Note: The Discord server is not a formal support avenue for MDDHosting. While we will do our best to help you out there if we can. If you need support from our staff do please reach out to us via Email, Helpdesk or Live Chat.