Love Our Services? Refer-A-Friend to Us and Get Rewarded!

Since our inception in 2007 MDDHosting has always relied mainly on word-of-mouth referrals of satisfied users to gain new clients. Unlike most of the other hosting providers, we do not allocate much budget to marketing and advertisements but instead we choose to reinvest our profits back into our infrastructure and services to provide the best hosting services for our clients.

As a token of our appreciation to all our loyal clients, we have just launched a new Refer-A-Friend program to reward any clients who refer one or more friends to sign up with us.

You can find your unique link to share among your friends in your client area homepage. When someone successfully signs up for our services for the first time after clicking your link and maintains that service for at least 30 days, your MDDHosting account will be credited with account credits which can be used to pay for your existing services.

We are offering a $25 credit every successful referral so the upcoming holiday season should be a good time to start casually mentioning about your hosting provider during your friends and families gatherings. 😉

How is this different from the Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is open to all while the Refer-A-Friend program is reserved exclusively for MDDHosting clients only.

Affiliate commissions can be paid via Account Credit or PayPal with a minimum required commission value of $250 while the referred credits of the Refer-A-Friend program is paid into your Account Credit with no minimums.

You can enroll into both our Affiliate Program and Refer-A-Friend program as we do not force you to choose one or the other. You will have two different set of unique referral links in such a situation so you will need to determine which of the two to give out.

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Introducing the New Cloud Hosting & Elastic Reseller Hosting

Over the past year we have embarked on a plan to revamp our Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans to respond to changes in market demand and we are happy to say the new plans are now available.

New Cloud Hosting Plans

The last time we revamped our hosting plans was back in 2018 where we introduced nine Cloud plans from the CloudStarter plan all the way to the Cloud14 plan.

Since then we noticed a few problems with the plans:

  • Prospective clients are confused by the large number of plans and are unsure of which to go with.
  • Clients who decided on a Cloud plan rarely, if ever change to a different Cloud plan.
  • Many clients went with the lower plans which are no longer powerful enough to cater to the growing demands of modern website technologies and plugins.

We decided to slim down the number of Cloud plans down to three – Turbo, Plaid and Plaid+.

We’ve Gone to Plaid!

The major highlights of our new Cloud Hosting are the Plaid and Plaid+ plans which are up to 5x faster than the Turbo plan as well as the previous Cloud plans. The Plaid and Plaid+ plans are powered by our brand new highly available Cloud infrastructure with high speed AMD EPYC™ processors, high speed DDR4 3200 RAM and high speed NVMe Storage.

The Plaid is our recommended plan for anyone who wants give your website a speed boost and it is great for eCommerce websites with 5x faster in disk writing speed and 3x faster in MySQL database queries based on our most recent internal tests.

If you have a demanding or high traffic website that requires more than 4 CPU Cores and 4 GB of RAM, the Plaid+ plan with 8 CPU Cores and 8 GB RAM is designed with your use case in mind. It has the same fast speed as the Plaid plan while doubling the CPU and RAM allocations to cater to your growing needs.

New Elastic Reseller Hosting

We have also revamped our Reseller Hosting plans to give resellers more flexibility on how you want to run your business.

The new Elastic Reseller Hosting has two new features:

Resource Pool

You are allocated with a resource pool of CPU and RAM for your whole reseller account and you can decide how to allocate this to your cPanel accounts as you see fit. What this means is you can allocate more CPU for your more demanding or higher paying clients and less CPU for the rest.

We believe that this is a much better way to allocate CPU and RAM compared to the previous Reseller plans which has a rigid limit of 1 CPU Core for each cPanel account.

You can oversell your CPU and RAM allocations just like the Disk Space and Bandwidth limits for increased efficiency. For example, while you are allocated with 15 CPU Cores with the Elastic 15 plan, you can create 30 cPanel accounts each with 2 CPU Cores but your total CPU usage will not exceed 15 CPU Cores.

It is worth pointing out that most websites have very low usages so the risk of your accounts maxing out your limit is quite low as all of them will need to be using a lot of CPU at the exact same time to max out your limit. You can always upgrade to a higher Elastic Reseller Hosting plan at anytime in our self-service Client Area as your needs grow.

Automatic Account, Disk Space & Bandwidth Scaling

Reseller Hosting is finally elastic where you can create as many cPanel accounts and use as much Disk Space as well as Bandwidth as you need without having to upgrade to a higher plan.

Our system will intelligently detect the amount of cPanel Accounts, Disk Space and Bandwidth that your Elastic Reseller Hosting account is using and bill the additional usages accordingly.

We only offer the Elastic Reseller Hosting plans with the Monthly billing cycle only as a result of the new usage-based billing model so reseller clients will not be overburdened by these additional charges being accumulated over a long period of time.

With great flexibility comes great responsibilities as well so if you do plan to switch to the new Elastic Reseller Hosting plans, we highly recommend that you set hard and realistic limits on the Disk Space and Bandwidth offered to your clients so you will not experience a bill shock if one or more of your clients decided to use more Disk Space or Bandwidth than you expected.

If you are happy with your existing plan, you do not have to change and you can stay on your current plan and pricing for as long as you like.

If you are excited to give the new plans a try or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch or discuss the new plans in our Customer Community Discord.