New Website Design and Cloud Hosting Plans

As some of you may have noticed, we have recently launched our redesigned website which hasn’t been updated for years.

MDDHosting New Design

Our new design employs the latest web technologies and it is mobile responsive. You can now use your mobile devices to browse through our website, order new services, pay your invoices or contact support at our Client Area, read our Company Blog and manage your website with cPanel.

New Cloud Hosting Plans

Along with the new website design, we have also revamped our hosting plans by combining our previous Shared Hosting and Premium Hosting plans into one offering – our new Cloud Hosting.

MDDHosting New Cloud Hosting Plans

Our new Cloud Hosting is Highly Available, Fault Tolerant, and Scalable. The main differences among the new plans are resource allocations like CPU and RAM. You can instantly scale up to a higher plan within our self-service portal when you need more resources for your website. This should come in handy during a traffic spike or when your website grows.

The new Managed Shared Cloud Hosting with cPanel runs on our latest StorPool powered storage platform is Highly AvailableDistributed and Self-Healing.

Fully Redundant
Multiple copies of your data are stored synchronously across multiple storage drives and servers with no single point of failure. If the hardware hosting your account fails, your website and all data will come back online on a new piece of hardware. This allows us to offer a 1000% Uptime Guarantee for our Cloud Hosting plans.

Blazing Performance
Our storage platform combines multiple Solid State Drives (SSD) into a shared pool of storage, distributed between our servers. Data is read and written from and to many drives in parallel, aggregating not only the capacity, but the performance of all drives in the system. This allows us to achieve a 900% increase in I/O operations per second and a 1200% increase in the total bandwidth available to our storage platform.

Limited Time Promotion

To celebrate the launch of our new website design and new Cloud Hosting plans, take 50% OFF the first month when you sign up for our new Cloud Hosting plans on a monthly basis with the coupon code below:



* Valid for new clients only. Limit of one discount per order.


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